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Our Mission
The attorneys at the Law Offices of Armendariz & Holguin provide a wide range of family-based immigration and nationality services to business and individual clients. Our broad clientele is based throughout the United States and the world.


Quality Legal Services
Immigration law is an ever-changing field of law. Our office is cognizant of the necessity to be up to date with new laws and regulations, as well as government policies and procedures. We meet this necessity through extensive interaction with government agencies, attendance at immigration meetings and seminars throughout the United States, as well as significant involvement with the American Immigration Lawyers Association. This commitment to knowledge of current regulations and information enables us to offer our clientele innovative and strategic legal representation. We are very well-versed with the legal and procedural requirements of all immigration-related government agencies throughout the nation.


Quality Customer Service
What distinguishes our law firm from many others is our excellent customer service. We are a “hands-on” law firm and strive to give all of our clients immediate access to our attorneys and staff. Our goal is to provide our clients not only with top quality legal representation, but also with excellent customer service and competitive prices. In our effort to remain “hands-on,” we work extensively by email, internet, telephone and courier services. Our office will work directly with you, the client, to establish processing procedures that benefit you and your family, as well as expedite the immigration process.


Competitive Fees
Our fee structure is developed to provide you with reasonable costs for top-quality legal services.  We have monthly payment plan options available, and can accept payments by check or credit card.

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